Message from the East

Greetings brethren,

I hope this message finds you well and you are enjoying this warm and peaceful summertime.

The month of July flew by quickly and Ancient York Lodge did not stay idle as well. We hosted our first summer gathering at Wor. Phil R. Berard’s place and celebrated the support of our better halves. Many brothers and their wives attended the gathering, including a candidate who might receive Light this coming September.  

What’s more, I had the pleasure and privilege to partake in the Lodge of Qualifications hosted on board of U.S.S. Constitution, coincidentally on the 289th birthday (July 30th) of our Grand Lodge. It was such a historical moment to be qualified to the East, with eleven Worshipful Masters (to-be) from the 4th, 6th, 12th, 13th, and 25th districts.

Lastly, the officers of Ancient York Lodge made an appearance during the Lowell Folk Festival with our first Open House at this event. The day was hot and humid, but we concluded the open house exercise with closer to 80 people visiting! Both myself and Wor. Donald P. Hayes Jr. gave out more than 15 historical tours of our beautiful Lowell Masonic Temple and impressed upon the mind of our visitors in Freemasonry. A very hearty thanks for R.W. G. Edward BrownBro. William D. FoleyBro. Elliot L. Hersh, and Bro. Hui Yang for their exertion in making this event surprisingly successful!

Summer is always a great season for us to recharge and reconnect with the loved ones, therefore we would like to invite you to another open-to
gathering of Ancient York Lodge on Wednesday, August 10th 7 pm.  The theme for this month’s gathering will be about that memorable Masonic moment you had – it could be about an experience you encountered while traveling, an unintentional connection you made with a Mason’s family, or any warm moment that made you feel proud to be a Mason.   We will be joined by two newly initiated Entered Apprentices, Bro. Christopher M. Grimes and Bro. Leonardo B. Reis Jr.  Please consider attending this gathering and tell our younger Masons about your story!

If you do not plan to or cannot attend this gathering, please consider telling us about a memorable Masonic moment of yours in the link below; it truly helps us to be connected as a closely knitted family, which transcends ordinary kinship.

For the officers, please be reminded that our annual training & workshop will take place on the ensuing Saturday. I will be sharing the vision of our lodge and to gather your support. The fabric of our great fraternity was, is, and will always be supported by our Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty.

August events summary:

August Gathering – ‘That Memorable Masonic Moment’, 52 Allen Street, Dracut, MA 01826 | Wednesday, August 10th, 7 pm | Potluck style dinner & refreshment – bring your own favorites!

Officer Workshop & Training – to prepare the officers for the upcoming Masonic year | Saturday, August 13th, 9 am

Please do not hesitate to reach out for questions or just to say hello, you can always find me at (626) 537-0116. And not matter where you are, may the blessing of Heaven rest upon you and all regular Masons; may brotherly love prevail, and all social and moral virtue cement us!


Bro. Fang Zhang, Ph.d.
Worshipful Master

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