Message from the East

Greetings Brothers,

Once again, I find myself writing from the East to my Brethren in Ancient York.   I hope that everyone is well, any brothers or family members in need or sick please let me know.

    We welcome our newest Master Mason R. Brad Connelly II to the lodge. I am looking forward to our Cigar night on the 13th a Sat this weekend. If you do not have a ticket yet call Wor. Tim Miller or go onto web site, at this time I am not sure how many are left. The lodge has reserved the building for a holiday gathering on Dec 11th we need snacks and drinks and KIDS there may be a visit from a guy in a red suit. Wor Ruggiero I am asking to take photos for us. Traditionally we had many kids at this function it has been lost in recent times let us revive it. Please RSVP on group me message and give me numbers. 

    This meeting will be leading up into the holiday season, how about some brothers on the sidelines? Call your friends and ask them to come to the meeting. I have requested that there be no smoking until after the meal so anyone who does not like smoke will still be able to join us for social time and we still will have the cigars for desert and after. I am requesting this as there are several members who have stopped attending due to smoke, so I feel this is a reasonable compromise to allow everyone to enjoy the evening.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Wor. Philip R. Berard

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